Keith Flint of the Prodigy’s Personal Items Go on Auction: Photos

The Prodigy frontman Keith Flint’s personal effects are being auctioned off Thursday, October 7, to settle his estate’s outstanding debts. The items are being auctioned off by Cheffins Fine Art in Cambridge, England, and offer a unique insight into the late musician’s interests and passions, which included motorcross, fashion, and art.

Among the 168 items going under the hammer are awards and other pieces commemorating Flint’s musical achievements, chief among them being the 1997 MTV VMA awards for The Prodigy’s “Breathe” and “Smack My Bitch Up” videos, and the gold and platinum records he earned during his time with the band.

The most fascinating items, however, are the pieces of furniture and art, which feel evocative of his flamboyant stage persona.

“The furniture and artworks from the star’s home are a mixture of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary, urban style,” reads a statement from Cheffins. “Perhaps the most iconic piece is his specially commissioned bed, in which he had a hand in designing. The oak plank and steel construction is supported at each corner by entwined thorns and is accessed via steps supported on the back of a crouching winged mythical beast.”


CREDIT: Courtesy of Cheffins

The person lucky enough to win the bed at auction should maybe consider complementing their new home furnishing with this giant Obediar Madziva aluminum ant sculpture commissioned for The Prodigy’s 2010 Milton Keynes National Bowl performance.


CREDIT: Courtesy of Cheffins

Fans looking for a smaller keepsake might consider bidding on this taxidermy hare brandishing a firearm.


CREDIT: Courtesy of Cheffins

Looking for an accent chair for their living room? Maybe this Jimmie Martin pop-art piece will do.


CREDIT: Courtesy of Cheffins

Among the most personal items up for auction is Flint’s collection of body jewelry, including his septum rings. Per Cheffins, the double-cone is the one the musician can be seen wearing on page 9 of Prodigy, The Fat of the Land, Official Book.


CREDIT: Courtesy of Cheffins

The entire Keith Flint collection, including the Japanese sword he wore to his wedding, can be viewed on the Cheffins website. The auction house has not released estimated prices for each item because determining the value of them was “almost impossible.”

Flint died in March, 2019 at the age of 49.


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